Charles Coulombe – Revisiting the American Revolution

On Independence day, Ryan of Athanasius Contra Mundum decided to celebrate in an entirely different way, with a re-examination of the American Revolution against Great Britain, the factors involved, and numerous details not found in your history books. Charles Coulombe, a writer, researcher and fellow pipe-smoker joins Ryan to shed light on the inconvenient details of early American history hidden from your history books.

NB: After the interview, they discussed a matter which should have perhaps prefaced it: many people will be mad at this, especially if you are of tea-party persuasion. The charge of “treason” and “unpatriotic” behavior will be leveled, they are sure. Patriotism, properly love of the land and countrymen, is a virtue, distinct from the thoughtless worship of the government. They both adhere to the former, as every good Catholic should since true patriotism is a virtue; while having nothing to do with the latter. To get all the links that go with this talk please visit Athanasius Contra Mundum.