Michael Davies

Michael Davies was a lecturer, debater, columnist, and author of over 30 books and monographs on the changes in the Catholic church since the second Vatican Council, primarily concerning the liturgy.

Born in Wales, a convert to Catholicism, Davies was a graduate of St. Mary’s College in London and served in the British army before becoming a writer.

Among his works were The Liturgical Revolution, a trilogy documenting the changes in the Mass of the Roman church during and after the second Vatican Council (1962-65); Mass Facing the People; The Reign of Christ the King; Liturgical Shipwreck; A Short History of the Roman Mass and The Catholic Sanctuary.

His public appearances took him to four continents. He appeared as a guest of William F. Buckley on “Firing Line” in 1980. He passed away in 2004 at the age of 68.